Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Paudy Bucket List

This is a list of things that i want to do before i die , Hopefully i will live to be 95 so i will have years but better to start early. This is not a easy list to do, on one hand i want to pick hard things to do and shoot for the stars etc but on the other hand i want to do everything on this list so dont want to make it too hard.

so here it goes in no particular order

  1. Make a Bucket List 
  2. Drink 32 pints in 32 counties in 32 hours.
  3. Drive route 66
  4. Climb Machu Picchu
  5. Stay in ice hotel
  6. Gamble in Las Vagus
  7. Go to an auction in Christys or sotherbuys
  8. See the Northern lights 
  9. Go to Glastonbury
  10. Fire a Gun
  11. Look at the grand Canyon
  12. Visit The Titanic thing in Belfast
  13. Do a open mike at stand up comedians show
  14. Ride a Gondola in Venice
  15. complete a marathon
  16. Set foot in all 6 continents
  17. Watch IMBD top 250 Films
  18. Brake a guinness book of record
  19. Drive a ferrari
  20. go on the londan eye
  21. Walk part of the great wall of china
  22. Ride a cable car in san Francisco
  23. Ride a seaway
  24. Go into space
  25. Give blood 
  26. Go in a helicopter 
  27. Get something published (book or spript)
  28. Visit Auschwitz 
  29. Go to airport and take a radiom flight
  30. Pay someone toll behind you
  31. Visit Niagara falls
  32. Visit 10 top free places in ireland  (i been to some)
  33. Hollycross abby
  34. Science Gallery
  35. Chester Beatty Library
  36. National Museum of decorative arts
  37. Farmleigh
  38. Irish Museum of Modern Art 
  39.  National museum of Archaeology
  40. National Botanic gardens
  41. National Gallery
  42. Visit Australia
  43. Visit 100 countries
  44. Visit Canada 
  45. Climb to base camp in Everest 
  46. Cruse the Shannon 
  47. Save someone life
  48. Try Fencing
  49. Watch every movie that has won an Academy Award for Best Picture.
  50. brake a window with a baseball bat
  51. Meet someone famous
  52. drive a electric car
  53. go skiing 
  54. compliment a  different  person every day for a year (added 20th June)
  55. Climb 4 Peaks (Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales) in 4 days (added 20th June) 
  56. Drive around Europe (added 21st June)
  57. Direct a short film  (added 21st June)
  58. Visit Paudy in france. (Paudy is a town) (added 22nd June)

I am sure that I will add more as i go on.